Hot Stone Manual Therapy

Intensely comforting and remarkably gentle, hot stone manual therapy is a unique pampering experience that is perfect for those who prefer a lighter one with many of the benefits of deep tissue work. With hot stone manual therapy, the heat conducted by the smooth stones used will loosen and relax tense muscles, promoting deep relaxation that allows a manual therapist to manipulate the muscle intensely without causing pain or discomfort.

Hot stone manual therapy is a variation of traditional manual techniques and engages the use of smooth stones containing basalt, which retains heat well. The smooth, rounded stones are heated in water to the ideal temperature and then placed in optimum spots on the body, such as the spinal column, and placed in the palms of the hands and between the toes. The stones are also often used as manual therapy implements and help manual therapists deeply massage the muscles with minimal discomfort. Many hot stone manual therapy clients enjoy the comforting warmth provided by the stones, making this type of manual therapy very popular.

Hot stone manual therapy offers many benefits. The warmth of the stones is welcomed by clients with cold feet, and the heat can spread warmth and also increase circulation throughout the body. Hot stone manual therapy effectively zaps tension, relieves stress, and many report its ability to alleviate symptoms of disorders like depression, insomnia and arthritic stiffness.

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